Why an Aquaponics PDF? Think… Food Security, Food Safety, and Food Independence!!!

Hey there, it’s Elisa.

I brought you a gift today! Check out the video below, and check out how have food independence with Aquaponics PDF by clicking here! Why do YOU want to produce your own food? Is it that you don’t trust the food supply will last forever? Or are you mad about all the pesticides and harmful chemicals in our food now-a-days? Maybe you’ve realized that the food you get from the store is not the most nutrient rich? Indeed, you are a food rebel!! In the documentary “Homegrown Revolution”, Jules Dervaes states “If you can grow food, it’s empowering. In fact, I believe that growing food is one on the most dangerous occupations on the face of this earth. Because you’re in danger of becoming free.To see how you can become FREE, using aquaponics, –click here–.

Let’s face it, commercial produce, grown with conventional growing practices is a poor substitute for fresh, local, home grown produce. The agricultural giants have inundated OUR food supply with GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. They’ve toxified our food and grown it in a way that is nutritionally deficient. They add N-P-K to the soil, but leave out so many nutrients and minerals that belong in our soil. And that’s the way things are NOW. Pretty bad, huh? What about years from now, when the cancer, genetic and immune diseases start showing up? Are they going to take responsibility? Probably not. Let’s get out of this game. Let’s become a nation of food independence! There is a way for you to develop food independence with little or no gardening experience. Aquaponics farming! This site, Aquaponics PDF is here to encourage and educate you about this method of producing food.

There are many methods of gardening out there. I believe that aquaponics farming is the next-generation of home gardening. You can use this method to supply yourself and those you love with healthy food (and even fish!) independently of the food grid. You become the supplier of your livelihood, with God’s help. You become the engine of revolution for your family by directly providing for your family’s needs. You probably know, the way things are going, the food grid might not last forever, and at some time it may be necessary for YOU to step up and provide for those you love. Aquaponics pdf is dedicated to teaching you this awesome method of self-sufficiency. What could be easier… no weeding, no chemicals, no dirt, no terrestrial pests, and all organic, fresh produce and fish available to your family… for life! Click here to discover this amazing method for yourself!

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